Turn co-workers into co-conspirators this Christmas by having your office Christmas Party at The Gunpowder Plot at The Tower of London

If you’re looking for a Christmas venue in central London that will knock the socks off your co-workers and give you bragging rights for organising the party to end all parties, then choose to have your office Christmas event at The Gunpowder Plot! It will be the talk of the office until next Christmas!

Aldgate Connect had had the “most incredible time” at The Gunpowder Plot.

Teams from Facebook, Sky, and BT still talk about the 2 hours they spent at a Layered Reality experience where they came face to face with Martian Fighting Machines.

Layered Reality Group Booking Packages2

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Christmas Group Booking FAQs

Can group bookings have exclusive timeslots?

Yes. As each timeslot can accomodate 16 people, you will be charged £40 per every remaining space we hold off sale for your group to have exclusivity.
For example, if you book 1 timeslot for 13 people but want exclusivity you will pay £40 x 3 for the remaining spaces.

We're a group of 11 people or less - can we book the silver, gold, or platinum packages?

No, our packages are made for 12+ people. For groups of 6-11 you can book Standard or VIP tickets via the website.

How long should I plan for my whole package experience?

Between 30 minutes to 1 hour for arrival/check-in/pre experience drinks.
1 hour 40 minutes for The Gunpowder Plot: The Immersive Experience. Add on an additional 10 minutes for each timeslot you have booked.
Between 1 hour 30 mins to 2 hours for dinner and drinks afterwards.

Can we book tickets only for a group or do we need to book a package?

Yes, you can book tickets only. Please complete the booking form on the group page.

When are Christmas groups packages available?

Christmas Packages are available Weds-Fri and Sunday's in November, December, and January from 12pm. Packages booked for January get a £10 discount per head on prices advertised.

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Still wondering what to expect? Watch the trailer by clicking below.

This is a 'must see' attraction. I loved every second. The characters were believable, the 'set' authentic and the VR was out of this world. I was totally transported. The nearest thing you can get to time travel.

Anita via Reviews.io on The Gunpowder Plot Experience

Wowsers! An incredibly powerful, enjoyable experience, which I don't think could be bettered. All the cast devoted maximum depth to their characters. The set designers, and VR artists, also merit high praise.

Steve via Reviews.io on The Gunpwder Plot Experience

Really good experience. We had a meal and a drink which we booked when our tickets were purchased. Good choice on the menu and the food was very nice, get there 45 minutes before your time slot to allow you to enjoy the meal without rushing. The actors were excellent and made you feel part of The Gunpowder Plot. VR special effects took you back to 1605 it was a real attack on the senses. Make sure this is the one thing you do this year.

Stephen via Reviews.io on The Gunpowder Plot Experience

Amazing show, with ground-breaking use of immersive technology and live theatre. Great acting and the story posed - all set in the incredible Tower of London Vaults. A must-see showand a uniqe experience.

Dale via Reviews.io on The Gunpowder Plot Experience

Brilliant fun, wasn't sure what to expect and was absolutely brilliant. All ages would enjoy, great fun joining in and bonus is a fun history lesson. Staff very helpful, friendly and professional and actors are very very good. Well worth the money and will definitely recommend.

Julie via Reviews.io on The Gunpowder Plot Experience