Press for Layered Reality™ Productions

Press for Layered Reality™ Productions

“[They] certainly know how to dream big… the technical ambition is admirable, and the set design (complete with piped-in smells) very impressive indeed. But it’s that intense look in the eyes of the living, human performer that will linger with you.” - The Telegraph

“The future of entertainment.” – Design My Night

“An assault on all five senses… I jumped out of my skin!” – Metro

“London's most anticipated immersive experience” – The Nudge

“A total must-see" – The Mail on Sunday

“The trippy VR show that takes you to dreamland” – The Guardian

“A dreamy immersive VR experience” – Time Out

“One of the most anticipated events of 2018” – HuffPost UK

“Enter a world of possibility, as you embark on an ambiguous ‘lucid dreaming’ experience that sounds a lot like something out of ‘Black Mirror'” - Secret London

“There hasn't been an immersive experience in London of such scale or audacity since Punchdrunk's The Drowned Man” - Culture Whisper

“Not only will you emerge questioning your outlook on life, you might even make a new friend or two” - The Resident